Best Baseball Podcasts 2020

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as there are new genres of podcasts being released and people are finding new ways to express news, thoughts and opinions. You can now literally listen to a podcast on anything. It is like listening to the radio but only hearing stuff that you want to hear, and you get to skip the adverts. Baseball is one of those topics that a lot of podcasts are discussing and this is why we have released our guide to the best baseball podcasts for 2020.

As the years go on, more and more podcasts will be released, and this is our detailed review on the best for the year of 2020. Podcasts within baseball are great, they can be really informative. You can listen to these podcasts and find out loads of important things that can make baseball more exciting for you and also become a better baseball player yourself potentially.

You can listen to the latest Baseball news across the globe and more specifically the best baseball league in the world, the MLB. Maybe you are not after the latest news and instead you are wanting to learn more about baseball, for example what the best brand of bat is, what gloves are the best and all of that stuff. What makes podcasts even more convenient is that each one comes with a title, the title will be the topic that is discussed, this way you can easily find exactly what you are looking for.

The Top 5 Baseball Podcasts

Below you can find the best rated podcasts in our opinion. Of course, it is a matter of opinion because each podcasts talks about some similar topics but also a lot of different topics, which means that it is your decision to find the one that discusses what interests you the most. However, the ones we have listed here tend to be the fan favorites.

  • ESPN Baseball Tonight

ESPN are the hosts of this MLB podcast, which makes it even more reassuring for listeners as you would like to think that these experts know what they are talking about. It is led by Buster Onley and he also brings in a lot of different guests to his podcasts who would engage listeners. Here you will be able to listen to insights on baseball in great details, finding key bits of useful information that you might not find mentioned on any other podcasts. They really do go into depth with their speaking and therefore make it as our top recommendation.

  • Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast

Fantasy Baseball is another aspect of baseball that interests a lot of people. The fact that you can create your own team based on the best players in the league and each player has the ability to win you points, making you look like the best fantasy baseball manager out there. Well this podcast will help you get to that point as they explain in detail the latest fantasy baseball stats and which players are the ones to bank on in your side. If you are looking to be a serious contender in your baseball league, then give these guys a listen. This podcast has been around since 2015 and has grown a huge following. They have thousands of fans across their social media platforms.

  • Sully Baseball

Sully Baseball is a podcast that has over a thousand aired episodes. Don’t worry you don’t have to work your way through them all, you can start with the latest one and pick things up from there. What makes this one unique is the fact that it is actually ran by a comedian, Paul Francis Sullivan. Some of you may know him as a comedian or as a TV producer. Sully will provide you with the best information on baseball and let you know the ins and outs of what is going on in the world of Baseball. He posts discussions every week of the year to provide you with fresh knowledge, which is exactly what you should be after. Interesting fact, they used to be released daily. Sully brings not only knowledge, but also humor to his podcasts and you can really count on him. He will bring a smile to your face.

  • The Ringer MLB Show

The Ringer MLB Show is another great choice of podcast. They are very consistent with their uploads which is what you want in a podcast, you want something reliable, you don’t want a one off show, you want to be able to build a relationship with the hosts and understand what they are about. Each member of the show will share a new experience each episode, meaning that you can actually learn a lot from them. They teach you baseball and also other bits of knowledge that could help you.

  • MLBN Intentional Talk: Caught Listening

A lot of people enjoy the MLB Network’s international talk that’s hosted by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar and therefore if you are one of those fans, then certainly take a look at this podcast, the Caught listening podcast. This will pick up where the original sequel of podcast left off. It adds more detail and desire into baseball, talking about exclusive interviews and discussions within the MLB. There is also a lot more, but you really have to check it out for yourself to see exactly what it is they do, there is so much ground that they cover. If you are looking for a source of information that is going to provide you with in depth knowledge on baseball and really be listening thinking “wow, I never knew that”, then this will be your best bet.


There really is a lot more to be discussed when it comes to the best baseball podcasts. Obviously, there are more than these out there, there are in fact so many that we could not talk about them all. So instead, we thought it may be easier to mention our favorites and also the favorites of a lot of other listeners and baseball fans, that way you have a better chance of liking these as well. Try them out for yourself, see what you think and if you are new to podcasts in general then now is your chance to get involved and see what the fuss is about. These podcasts will tell you all you need to know about the minor league, league baseballs, major leagues and Baseball America in general.